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.38SNUB - Tha Warningshot CDR (FResh Blood Series)

CDR FWH Records

.38SNUB - Tha Warningshot CDR (FResh Blood Series)

.38SNUB from Atlanta just re-recorded the 4 songs from their 2013 Demo plus an additional brandnew track to release them with the title "Tha Warning Shot" under the FWH Fresh Blood banner. .38SNUB is a nose revolver but also stands for Straight Negative Urban Beatdown, in this case Slamming Death meets plain and heavy Mosh. Or better said, sheer musical brutality somewhere between VOW OF HATRED, NO HOLDS BARRED, WITHOUT REMORSE, KNOCK EM DEAD, LINE OF SCRIMMAGE and 43 URBAN. Released as manufactured and printed CDr with glossy pro-printed inlaycard, incl. artwork made by Japanese artist KZK One.
Label: FWH - Fresh Blood Series (D)

EUR 4.95

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