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All For Nothing - Can't Kill What's Inside CD

CD 2007

All For Nothing - Can't Kill What's Inside CD

ALL FOR NOTHING is a female fronted hardcore band from south-side Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Behind the in-your-face hardcore, you will find metal and punk-rock influences in their music, all contributing to their own unique style. The 12 songs on this album give a good impression of what to expect of ALL FOR NOTHING: Female fronted, high energetic hardcore songs, sing-a-long choruses, punishing beat-down passages and melodic riffs all based on various influences. The album also contains guest vocals by some of ALL FOR NOTHING close friends, Marco en Dennis (Payback) Henk (Moment of Truth), Dennie (Fist of Fury) and Dries (Second Chance).

1 Wake Up Call  
2 Black Heartened  
3 Determination  
4 I Will Arise  
5 Keep It Real  
6  Start At Zero  
7 A Matter Of Choice  
8 As Long As It Takes  
9 Some Kind Of Hate  
10 Shattered  
11 Fist vs. Thoughts 

EUR 11.95

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