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Arkham Disease - When Pain Is Pleasure.... MCD

MCD 2014

Arkham Disease - When Pain Is Pleasure.... MCD

Arkham Disease, from La Louvière in Belgium is born in 2011... The band worked on a setlist and tested it quicly on stage.
After severals shows, they decided to enter the recording studio for a three songs demo on which Chris from Do Or Die made a featuring on the song "Kill Them All".
The demo was released in 2012 and had a good response from the public. To promote their cd, they played some local shows but they played on some big stage like the On Air Studio and the Power Festival.
2014, after some line-up changes, they record a 6 songs Ep at The Rising Recording Studio (Ex Jack Studio) called "When pain is pleasure and madness is sanity". The new songs are more extreme and brutal than for the demo but keep the dark side that is the label of the band.

01        Intro        
02        The Rising        
03        Son Of Disease        
04        Underdogs        
05        War        
06        End Of Days

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