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Bad Luck Charms - St CD

CD 2008

Bad Luck Charms - St CD

Spawned from the attics and basements with old Kiss dolls, comics, Chuck Berry records and monster magazines, these electric cartoons - "straight outta Brooklyn, New York" - are fueled by the sound of the Heartbreakers, the tongue in cheek of Hanoi Rocks and the Stones, and all of the snot of the Dead Boys. The band includes rock 'n' roll veteran Kerry Martinez on lead vocals and guitar, and you may already know him as the guitar player for U.S. Bombs. Brian Knott is the second vocalist and guitarist for The Bad Luck Charms and has ripped his way through the New York circuit with bands such as The Nuns, Molotov Cocktail and The Stiff Mickeys.

1. Twilight In The Asylum 
2. Break My Heart 
3. One Track Mind 
4. Untouchable 
5. I Didnt Mean To Kill You 
6. Poison
7. No Vacancy 
8. Happily Ever After 
9. Superstition 
10. Tokyo 
11. Tokyo (Reprise)

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