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Bakers Dozen - Sent Down CD

CD 2007

Bakers Dozen - Sent Down CD

Bakers Dozen is back with a brandnew album brought to you by rebellion records. For those who like their oi! done hard, tight, raw and aggressive! you get 10 new recordings, one C84 cover, and 3 bonussongs from the ripe for violence e.p. Bakers Dozen has written another succesfull chapter in the history of British oi! music! 

1. name Unknown 
2. Sent Down 
3. Fight for your life 
4. Non priority 
5. Hunted Down 
6. Stand and fight 
7. Suburban Nightmare 
8. Surrender or you die! 
9. The unstoppable force (condemned 84 cover) 
10. Hidden agenda, 
11. Pick a Victim 
12. Someone elses bird 
13. Fire arms offender

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