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Blood for Blood - Wasted Youth Brew CD

CD 2001

Blood for Blood - Wasted Youth Brew CD

This release is a collection of rare, hard to find, and live material from the now legendary Boston band that plays full out aggressive street punk while still letting their hardcore roots shine through. Featuring the tracks from their split 7" with THE HUDSON FALCONS, the "Boson Drops The Gloves", "Punk Rock Jukebox", and "Kickboxing Is Not A Crime" compilations, as well as the "Soulless" 7", the "Hurt You" demo, and eleven live tracks. Includes cover versions of SLAPSHOT, THE WRETCHED ONES, and THE DEADBOYS.

1) When the storm comes
2) Goin' down the bar
3) No friend of mine
4) All this & more
5) Intro
6) Spit my last breath
7) Can't heal
8) Piss all over your hopes and dreams
9) Soulless
10) Hurt you
11) Chaos
12) Paper gangster
13) The strain
14) Life

15 t/m 25 live performed

15) Intro
16) No Tomorrow
17) Bitch called hope
18) Cheap wine
19) Piss all over your hopes and dreams
20) Maldito (Edit)
21) Soulless
22) Revenge on Society
23) Eulogy for a dream
24) Nothing for you
25) Paper gangster

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