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Bloodlined Caligraphy - Ypsilanti CD [EU Version]

CD 2006

Bloodlined Caligraphy - Ypsilanti CD [EU Version]

Rising from Ypsilanti, Michigan, Bloodlined Calligraphy is a female fronted assault. Fusing the sounds of hardcore and metal with some of the most devastating breakdowns ever heard, every song from Bloodlined Calligraphy is an exercise in destruction. With constant touring the band has built a steady fan base and has shared the stage with bands such as Zao, Darkest Hour, Throwdown, The Hope Conspiracy, Walls Of Jericho, Underoath and many more. "Ypsilanti" is the band's finest work to date. This album demands your attention with pounding breakdowns, catchy guitar lines and energetic sing-alongs.

1. 5/14/06
2. Is You Asking? Or Is You Tellin?
3. Take It Or Leave It
4. From Here On Out
5. It Cant Rain All The Time
6. Ashes To Ashes
7. If Heaven Aint Alot Like Ypsi, I Dont Wanna Go
8. Americas Next Top Model
9. Frienemies
10. Last Goodbye
11. They Want You Silent 

+ bonus (The Beginning of the end EP)
12 The saddest girl ever to hold a martini
13 Trying to collect child support from ghostdad
14 Isaac is the champ
15 A funeral for dead roses
16 begging the blind

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