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Bloodtrial vs Rising Tide split MCD (digipack)

MCD 2007

Bloodtrial vs Rising Tide split MCD (digipack)

Two very promising Dutch bands, BloodTrial and Rising Tide are delivering 4 tracks each of blistering (metal)core, wraped up in a great looking digipack

BloodTrial: is a Hardcore band. We are not here to reinvent the wheel, but we want to mosh things up and play hardcore in its purest and heaviest form. In no way we try to be some artsy band that tries to combine all different musical styles in order to show how open-minded we are. 
BloodTrial started in the end 2005 after ending or departing from This Years Enemy/Luca Brasi, Arise out of Leftfield and Trespass. 
Our inspiration mostly comes from bands like Throwdown, Terror and Hatebreed... Just bands who bring hatred, aggression and sincerity to their music! 

Rising Tide:
Rising Tide, founded in 2005 from the remains of Above The Struggle, are a four-piece hardcore band hailing from Roermond, Netherlands. Music-wise influenced by melodic oldschool hardcore, heavy metal, mosh, and everything in between. In that same year our first full length, recorded at the Sonic Sound Studios (Settle The Score, Drift, Copykill…), saw the light of day. An album with some hard hitting and fresh sounds on it, well received by various media. The four songs on the split CD with Bloodtrial were recorded in that same studio. Combining the best from past and present, Rising Tide are now more eager than ever to conquer new worlds and set foot on unknown territories. As always, with the energy, the fun and the passion, present today more than ever

1) Blackened Blood
2) Hate
3) Goodbye
4) Treason
Rising Tide
5) In Tears It Ends
6) When Words Fall Short
7) Memory Lane
8) Heavens Mandate

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