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Bonecrusher - World Of Pain CD

CD 2007 (rerelease)

Bonecrusher - World Of Pain CD

Hard as nails yet melodic streetpunk straight from Orange County. Bonecrusher are a big name on the scene, with releases on Hostage, Outsider and Knock Out to prove it. Here available for the first time in Europe is their debut album from 1996. Nowadays new streetpunk bands get compared to Bonecrusher, so check out the original. As well as the 96 album, there are 5 new tunes on here and the whole thing has been remixed. The original Bad Dog pressing from 2001 is long sold out, and here is a new pressing for 2007!

1 Crime Wave  
2 Heart of Stone  
3 Living Hell  
4 Poverty  
5 Drug Store  
6 Bottom of the Sea  
7 Behind the Mask  
8 714  
9 Porn Star  
10 Fire  
11 American Psycho  
12 World of Pain  
13 Idiot  
14 Private World  
15 You Never Will  

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