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Counting The Days - Finding A Balance CD

CD 2006

Counting The Days - Finding A Balance CD

Counting the days started in the summer of '04. Five friends came together to play fast fun hardcore. The songs are short, aggressive & raw. The lyrics are based on everyday things such as relationships, skateboarding, beliefs and depression. Counting the days has always been based on honesty and friendship. 
FOR FANS OF: Black Flag - Count Me Out - Comeback Kid 

1) What's The Point
2) Dedicated to doing nothing
3) On the outside looking in
4) Things never seemed so meaningless
5) Nowhere to turn
6) Growing up is giving up
7) Cold nights and weary heads
8) Flatline
9) We Remain
10) Finding a Balance
11) Widespread panic
12) Feelings blue never felt so right

EUR 11.95

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