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Crawlspace - Enter The Realm Of Chaos CD

CD 2001

Crawlspace - Enter The Realm Of Chaos CD

Crawlspace barely uses any hardcore influence. They must be influenced by bands like Morbid Angel and (old) Slayer. Topped off with typical tough guy lyrics I definitely dig this album. It's been blessed with an excellent sound (which I couldn't say about their songs on the FCP/Crawlspace split) and it never gets boring. Sometimes I think that I heard some of the riffs on this cd before but it doesn't really matter cause Crawlspace gives an own twist to them. Make sure to check this one out if you're into heavy tuff guy mosh

1) Testimanoy Of The Ublessed
2) Dead And Alive
3) Haunted
4) As Winter Calls
5) Resurrection Of The Demons
6) Deep
7) Nightmare Visions
8) Crawlspace
9) Coming From Down Under
10) Enter The Realm Of Chaos

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