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Crowns Of Kings / Price Of Pain Split CD

CD 2007 Deadserious Recordings

Crowns Of Kings / Price Of Pain Split CD

Reaper Records teams up two of the Northeast's hardest working up-and-coming bands on this eight-song split. Crowns Of Kings come from Connecticut and play a rough style of hardcore akin to bands like Death Before Dishonor and Terror, and even boast ex-members of Terror with Scott Vogel and Nick Jett of Terror both making appearances on their tracks. Price Of Pain hail from Boston and also feature members of Death Threat and crank out tunes not unlike that of Death Threat and Madball.

1. Crowns Of Kings - Intro 
2. Crowns Of Kings - 6:18 
3. Crowns Of Kings - Same Old... 
4. Crowns Of Kings - Lifeline
5. Price Of Pain - In Your Blood 
6. Price Of Pain - The Blizzard 
7. Price Of Pain - Thanks For Shit 
8. Price Of Pain - Chopping Block

EUR 6.95

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