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Crucial Times - The Age Of Denial MCD

MCD 2011

Crucial Times - The Age Of Denial MCD

From the deepest trenches of Antwerp, an all-star line-up featuring members of Pushed Too Far, Strike With Vengeance, Tear It Down, ToXis. Musically a melting pot of hardcore flow and breakdowns with lightning fast metal that will crush you ribs to oblivion. Lyrically an endless list of flaws & failures torn down item after item. Crucial Times have come. Their self-recorded début " The Age Of Denial " is set out to give you that kick in the nuts to get you thinking of today's social awareness.

1) The Price
2) Light The Inferno
Intermezzo I
3) Deceived
4) Trapped
Intermezzo II
5) Tribute

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