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Down To Nothing - Save It For The Birds CD

CD 2003

Down To Nothing - Save It For The Birds CD

Richmond, VA's straight edge hardcore upstarts, DOWN TO NOTHING charge forth with stamina and force on their debut full length, "Save It For The Birds". DTN forge track after track of traditional hardcore with metallic undertones that'll be the catalyst for finger pointing and mosh-bringing everywhere. For Fans Of: CARRY ON, MADBALL, JUDGE, AND IN MY EYES.

1 Save It For The Birds
2 One Eighty
3 Normal People
4 Outcome
5 Choke Louder 
6 3 Or 4 Years 
7 Pet Peeve 
8 Who Are You To Stay 
9 Honorable Mention Mr. Starky 
10 What Goes Around Comes Around 
11 Fire Escape  

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