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Dryconditions - Into The Night CD [DIGIPACK]


Dryconditions - Into The Night CD [DIGIPACK]

DRYCONDITIONS are one of Switzerland's most capable rock acts. They are highly derivative of punk rock/(post-)hardcore, but have however outgrown the innocent simplicity of their early days' punk rockish approach. The twelve tracks on 'Into The Night (Black Light)' are a felicitous blend of elaborate, catchy melodies, mature songwriting, a healthy dose of (self-) mockery and subliminal punk rock ethics and aesthetics. It's an energetic, charming and profound rock album, which should attract the attention of everyone who shows only the slightest interest in punk, post-hardcore or rock music in general as well as a spark of open-mindedness.

01 | Against Panic!
02 | Livers At The Berkeley Bay
03 | Up And Running
04 | Criminal Intentions
05 | Having A Drink With Martin Luther King
06 | Velvet
07 | Talks About Blank Shores
08 | Anaemia
09 | Teenage Sundown
10 | City Sind Rondo
11 | Meet Me At The Station
12 | Sparkling Elements Out Of Rhythm And Tune

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