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Ducky Boys - The War Back Home CD

CD 2006 I Scream Records 88.836.02

Ducky Boys - The War Back Home CD

Ten years. Four albums. Two tenures. Over 50 songs. Boston's The Ducky Boys have shown time and time again that, sometimes, less is more. There has never been any glamour. There has never been any star status. There never will be. The Ducky Boys are the consummate underdogs who have steadily and sometimes quietly brought their message to the people who get it for years. On their latest testimonial, "The War Back Home," The Ducky Boys address such matters as life, love, living and dying as they always have. The perspective has changed but the messenger has not. This time out the songs have taken a step forward in their arrangement while taking a step back to basics in their presentation. The songs are infectious; you'll be wondering why The Ducky Boys isn't a household name. But the songs are simple. Drums, bass, guitar and vocals with minimal additional layering. The message gets across in the most primitive way rock n' roll knows how; through melody and back beat.

1. Celebrate 
2. The Middle Children of History 
3. Tortured Soul 
4. Isolation 
5. Kids 
6. Two Thieves And A Savior
7. City Girl 
8. Bombs Away 
9. Corporate America 
10. Outlaw 
11. This Time Last Year 
12. Contrived And Treacherous

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