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Fit For The Bleeding - War Behind These Walls MCD

MCD 2015

Fit For The Bleeding - War Behind These Walls MCD

Fit for the Bleeding first reared its ugly mug in the summer of 2011, reuniting some long-time friends around their mutual love and passion for hardcore, bad jokes and cold beer. 

Based out of the damp swamps in Belgium's Waasland, Mario (drums), Jacques (bass) and Tom (guitar) were 
on a musical mission, determined to pay honor to the music that kicked them in the balls and inspired them to pick up instruments many light-years ago: brutal, honest tunes, straight from the groin.

Still, there was something missing. A bottle of Jack Daniel's for starters, that was later retrieved from Mario's car. But even more so, a suitable Master of  Ceremony to lead their dance of destruction. Finally, in the summer of 2014, Dennie joined the band. Straight out of Zeeland, the Netherlands, they all took an oath to never hold that against him. As a four-piece, Fit for the Bleeding is now ready for business. 

And business is good, 'cause in November 2014 the band recorded its first demo “Anger Driven”, and no sooner had the echoes of anger faded than another pet peeve begged to be made into a new song. And then another, and another...Before you could belch “Come all ye faithfull” a new collection was born. And as proud fathers tend to do, Fit For The Bleeding decided not to take any half measures: Double Impact Productions was called in to take these recordings to the next level. So here it is. This is Fit For The Bleeding as it is meant to be. No pretense, no excuse, no regret. Just some tunes we like to share with the world, period. Listen for yourself, spread the word, and check out Fit For The Bleeding next time they roll into town. Cheers!

1. Clean Start
2. Cut These Strings.
3. I Owe You Nothing
4. Take The Power Back

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