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Folsom / Your Mistake split CD [2003]

CD 2003 True Destiny Records TRUE001

Folsom / Your Mistake split CD  [2003]

Las Vegas legends, Folsom, deliver 3 songs of mid-tempo mosh metal for fans of 100 Demons, Merauder, Madball. Guest vocals by Mike from the Hoods. Then TX scumbag extraordinaires, Your Mistake, trick you into thinking they are from New York during the late 80's (even though they are from Texas). For fans of the Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, Sickofitall. Guest vocals from Die Young. 

1) Broken Orbital
2) My Apologies
3) Livin' 
Your Mistake
4) Back 2 Back
5) Your Mistake
6) Go Home
7) World Of Shit

EUR 11.95

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