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Frankie and The Wonderboys - All fired Up CD

CD 2009

Frankie and The Wonderboys - All fired Up CD

Frankie and the wonderboys have been around for many years driving their hot rods and racing through the streets of Kaatsheuvel and its’ surroundings!  In between all of the racing they started to produce some excellent hardcore rock ‘n roll which is bound to make people sweat, dance and sing along! Their music is somewhat comparable to driving 150 miles an hour, wind rushing through your hair and the adrenalin pumping in your veins. Join the ride to experience this thrill !
For fans of: Motörhead, Peter Pan Speedrock, Sick Of It All and any straight up rock ‘n roll band ! 
Keep music loud, swinging and intense!
Tracklisting :
1 The sunsetboulevard moonersclub
2 No one died…
3 Get it on
4 Daisy on fire
5 Speedqueen
6 Rusty old ride
7 Twisted
8 Keep on rocking
9 Home
10 Johnny B. Goode

EUR 6.95

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