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Golden Bullet - Downfall Of Humanity CD

CD 2011

Golden Bullet - Downfall Of Humanity CD

After last year's split with Saviour, GOLDEN BULLET from Belgium's H8000 area strike back with their full length debut, 'Downfall of Humanity' !
With a sound that reminds me of '90s greats such as Congress, Length of Time and All Out War, 'Downfall of Humanity' is a throwback into the glory years that were the late '90s for this style of music.
This 11-track album was mastered at CCR Studios and contains guest vocals by Steve of All My Sins !

1) Faster Than The World
2) Through The Years
3) Medicine Turns Into Disease
4) Coldness
5) Storms Of Enlightenment
6) Downfall Of Humanity
7) Grey
8) Theory Of The Fearless
9) My Blood Burns
10) Gold. Betray. Bullets
11) Settling The Score

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