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Grey - Who Needs You CD

CD 2010 Bastardized Recordings

Grey - Who Needs You CD

There is perhaps no other city in Germany that breathes the air of the great, wide world this way the port city Hamburg does. Maybe GREY internalized their native cities spirit of width and urbanity. They are one of those bands where you can feel their spirit with every single note. Expect a rough and massive wall of Mathcore-sound combined with an unique groove created by a band that keeps the idea of DIY alive. The story of GREY has begun in Hamburg in the middle of 2008 when members of heavy weighting Hardcorebands like Under Siege, Cities of Sleep or Pignation found together to create something new and atemporal. The evidence for the success of their purpose has just been recorded in the SU-2-Studios by Phil Hillen (Parachutes, Ichor, Autumnblaze) and will be entitled “Whoneedsyou”. Bastardized Recordings are proud to release this excellent debut full-length.

EUR 11.95

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