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In Cold Blood - Suicide King CD

CD 2009

In Cold Blood - Suicide King  CD

Featuring both Melnicks of Integrity fame, In Cold Blood existed both during and after the brothers' time in Integrity, and possessed the same speed, darkness and metallic crunch. This CD contains tracks from multiple recording sessions in 1995 and 1998 including a handful of live tracks from a show in Germany.

1. Suicide King 
2. Fuck Your Opinion 
3. Machine 
4. Straight Flush 
5. Dogma 
6. Ease The Pain 
7. Empty 
8. Bleak Existence
9. Dead To This World 
10. Pain 
11. Time To Die 
12. Violent Actions (live) 
13. Bare No Shame (live) 
14. Scars Of Life (live) 
15. One False Move (live) 
16. Retaliate (live)

EUR 11.95

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