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Instil - Stalking Death MCD

MCD 2007

Instil - Stalking Death MCD

Speaking on the new material, René Smit (vocals) says:
"It's been two years since we released our debut album "Fire Reflects In Ashes" at Garden of Exile Records. These two years have been very hectic for us as band and as persons. The good response lead to an Instil special about metal on Dutch national TV, playing tons of shows and festivals with bands like The Haunted, Nuclear Assault, Terror, God Dethroned, Maroon, The Dillinger Escape Plan, As I Lay Dying, The Black Dahlia Murder all across Europe. The last 2 years completed a highly successful period in the band’s history. On the other hand this also meant we didn't get to write that much new songs, because of being on the road and that active. So after last year's summer season we had to take a step back to focus on new material. Stalking Death is the result and we’re extremely happy with it. What else is new!? Talking about the sound on our new record; there is more of a focus on heaviness, tempo changes and dark atmosphere than we used to with our older songs". 

1) Come Off Triumphant
2) Impatience Of Wrong
3) Ten Times Underground
4) Repugnancy Arisen
5) Aesthetic Form Of Fiction
6) The Great Leveller

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