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Integrity - Palm Sunday CD + DVD

CD + bonus DVD

Integrity - Palm Sunday CD + DVD

Integrity came into existence in the second wave of American hardcore in the late eighties. Eshewing the crewcuts, sportswear, and youthcrew positivity of their peers, the Cleveland combo set out on an altogether different path. Combining the anger of hardcore with imagery and demon-conjuring of Slayer and Black Sabbath, Integrity were altogether a more evil beast, inspiring love and hatred in equal degree amongst an increasingly narrow minded scene and their conservative musical tastes. The particular show documented in this CD/DVD is just one such example of not only the band's raw intensity, but also the band's ability to stir up controversy. What you get is the definitive lineup of one of the greatest hardcore bands of all time showing you exactly why, some 15 years on, Integrity still live on -- and how they inspired the legions of "metalcore" bands that came thereafter.

1. Those Who Fear Tomorrow 
2. Judgement Day 
3. Harder They Fall 
4. Wings Tear 
5. Dawn of a New Apocalypse
6. In Contrast of Sin 
7. Rebirth 
8. Die Hard 
9. Lundgren Crucifixion 
10. Live It Down

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