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Integrity - Sliver In The Hands Of Time CD

CD 2005 Goodlife Recordings GL095

Integrity - Sliver In The Hands Of Time CD

Collection of all of INTEGRITY's 7"s and split 7"s, plus hard to find compilation tracks, unreleased versions of classic Integ tracks, a Negative Approach cover and more.
Comes with a thick booklet, containing the story of Integrity through Dwid's eyes + "testimonials" by people like Frank 3 Gun (Ringworm/Terror), Jake Bannon (Converge), Rob Moran (Unbroken/Some Girls), Hans Verbeke (Liar/Your God Is Dead), Porcell (Youth Of Today/Judge/Shelter) and many more !

1. Live It Down
2. In Contrast of Sin
3. Bringing It Back
4. Dead Wrong
5. Harder Then Fall
6. March of the Damned
7. Darkness
8. Kingdom of Heaven
9. Rebirth
10. Eighteen
11. Sarin
12. Atf Assault
13. All Is Lost
14. Silence Ever After
15. Divinity in Exile
16. Change
17. Thaw
18. Jimson Isolation
19. Evacuate
20. Jagged Bisions
21. Learn How to Die

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